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Brian Balkus
Brian Balkus
Height: 6-1
Weight: 145
Year: Fr.
Hometown: Ashford
High School: Edwin O. Smith '17
Event: Distance

High School: Participated in cross country for four years and track & field for three... primary track events were the relays and ...all-conference in cross country as a junior and senior... ran two seasons of cross country under E-Club Hall of Fame soccer player Mickey Fitzgerald...

PERSONAL: born Brian M. Balkus March 16, 1999… Parents: Maryangela and Brian… Siblings: Mason, Kyle… Major: Computer Science… Residence: Ashford, CT…

Date Meet Mark Finish
December    9 RIC 9:29.02 10th (20)
January      20 Plymouth State 9:58.98 8th (11)
January      27 Springfield 9:35.30 5th (9)
February      3 Wesleyan 9:35.31 21st (31)
February     10 LEC 9:24.78# 7th (10)
  NE Alliance   13th (22)
#-Personal best      
April           14 Mt. Holyoke 4:18.47# 2nd (14)
March        30 Warrior Invite 16:29.31 1st (13)
April            7 Coast Guard 16:11.14 3rd (15)
April          20 ECSU 16:36.05 1st (4)
April          28 NE Alliance 16:02.30# 6th (23)
  LEC   3rd (10)
#-Personal best      


Who is the biggest influence in your life? My father
What is your favorite number?
What is the biggest sports team rivalry in any professional sport in your opinion?
Yankees vs Red Sox
What’s your favorite song or artist of all time?
What is your favorite energy drink?
Assign a letter grade to  President Trump.  
If Christmas had a taste what would it be?
If you could be great at another sport what would it be?
What made you start playing sports?
My Parents
If you could change one thing about world political structure what would it be?
Allow voting for multiple candidates to prevent extremes from winning consistently

If you can consider yourself any type of leader, what would be the word/words to describe your leadership style? Leadership through respect earned by knowledge and ability
In 15 years where do you see yourself?
Hopefully working a decent job
Which do you think came first the chicken or the egg? Why?
The egg, something that was similar to, but not a chicken laid an egg that had mutated into a chicken
What would you like to be remembered for after your time has passed?
My kindness, knowledge, and ability
What is your biggest fear?
Public Speaking
What has been your hardest class?
What’s one of the things on your bucket list?
Graduate College